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About ME


Im Asmo, a 23 yrs old Autistic Artist based in Nancy, France. I specialize in apparel making and weird & brightly colored illustrations!

I am always having fun with the whole process of designing products and clothes, from the initial drawing and sketching phase to actually making it! I like being able to experiment with stuff. I initially started cloth making as a hobby since I was very dissatisfied with most popular cloth brands, finding it too plain, and on the other side of the coin, if you do find original pieces, its either too pricey ,its not available at most sizes, and mostly, unconfortable. As an autistic person, i'm very sensitive to fabric, there a lot of clothes that I simply cannot wear because the fabrics used triggers my sensitivity.

Thats why I decided to make my apparel designs available to all sizes at a reasonable price , while also being confortable to wear

I hope one day to make this my carrer and am very thankfull of all my followers on social media and my customers here to make this possible, you all are the best! 🥰


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