⫸Custom Mask⫷


Create today your own personalized mask with more than twenty vinyl colors to choose from!
Fast turnaround and free shipping ✨

You can submit your own design! And if you don't have one, no worries, you can get a design commission alongside the mask :)
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⫸Vinyl COLORS⫷

Note: You can request anytime pictures of a specific vinyl color, simply send a mail or a DM on Twitter
More color options will be added in the future


Sans titre.png




Sans titre.png

⫸MASK fabric COLORS⫷



Previous Projects I made for clients


Black Mask | Dichroic, Color 2 | Original design by @the-stressed-moth


White Mask | Metallic, Holographic | Orignal design by me (commissioned by Maverick's Playlist)



NOTE: The prices here are indicative. You can ask for a quote anytime for free by sending a mail and detailing your request!

Mask price

 25€ per Color Combination (As in mask color and vinyl type combination,number of different designs do not matter)
+4 additional units (total 5) with same Color Combo : + 15€
+14 additional units (total 15) of the same Color Combo : + 30€

If your order is above 15 mask total, the quantity has to be in increment of 15. ex: 30,45,60 etc. Unit Price decreases by a cumulative 5% for each increment.
NOTE: Group orders are ok!

If you have no design on hand, you can commission me to make one for you. Prices vary on complexity

Simple text (Ex: Your Name) : 10 to 25€


Simple Design (Simple shapes, not a lot of details) : 25 to 50€

Complex Design (Illustrated Artwork, lot of details) : 50 to 100€




- Your design must be in .svg, .png or .tiff format.

- 300 dpi, 140 x 70 millimeters .

-It must be either in Black and white or solid colors on a transparent background (no transparency effects or blurring!).

How to make your design :

1.Avoid sharp angles. Round every corner. This also applies to text.


NO ❌

2. Shapes cannot be smaller than 4 mm in size. Text and simple lines should not be thinner than 2mm.

3. If you send a .svg file, make sure to double check that there are no floating points and all of your paths are connected, forming a closed loop. If you used Objects or Text, make sure those are converted into paths before sending your file.

4. If your design uses text, this is not obligatory but its preferred if you use a sans serif typefont (Bold is the best). Avoid Light typefaces as they are too thin. You should also avoid typefaces with fancy effects as they are hard to work with (below are some exemples).

✅ Good fonts Helvetica Bold // Sarina // Rubik Medium // LULO CLEAN

Bad fonts ⫸ Marzo // Monoton // Rosewood // Snell Roundhand

5. Vinyl has to be weeded out by hand once its cut. Please keep this in mind when making your design, prefer bigger shapes and avoid adding too many small details. Try to keep it simple enough! If you dont know how to do that, dont hesitate to contact me so I can show it to you :)


How to send your file and ask for a quote :

Simply send a mail with your file embedded to mikhailasmo@protonmail.com with the following indications:

-What mask and vinyl color you want to use.

-How many masks.

-How many different designs and if you want to switch colors for some of them.

-If you have a deadline.


I will reply as soon as possible with a quote for your order and examine your file to see if its ok for production.

You can also email me if you have any questions!