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Please read everything carefully!


General info :

- Commissions take between two weeks to a month to complete, depending on the complexity. Please remember I mostly work on weekends or during lunch breaks when I can, so delays can happen! If its the case, you will be noticed.

- Commissioners have read and agreed with the T.O.S when they use this service and have paid the invoice.

- Single characters only, I won't do multiple characters for the moment. If you want to commission multiple characters, they'll be considered as separate commissions and done on separate pieces.

-For commercial use: You can request a phone/discord call to further discuss the project. Please contact me first so we can settle the date. If you miss the date the next call will be charged. Video/webcam call will be automatically refused.


Requesting a commission :


- I reserve the right to decline a commission without needing to give a reason.

- I will not accept commissions with discriminatory  and offensive themes. I will also not accept NSFW pieces (I can be ok with nudity sometimes, ask first).

- Please do not give only written description, I cannot work efficiently with those :( . Please give me pictures instead. I'm very open with visual references, it can be moodboards, pics you found on Pinterest or the internet, your character made on Picrew, or your character made in any video game character creator (FFXIV, the Sims, BDO, etc). I wont accept pictures generated by Midjourney, Dall-E, CrAIyon, Stable diffusion, or any other AI image generators using opt-out datasets or any other dataset not built on public domain images.


Licensing & Rights :​

- All Illustration that I make are for personal use only. You are allowed to share them on the internet (with credit) , modify and copy those illustrations for private uses (meaning its only for yourself, like using it as a pfp fo exemple). You are homewer not allowed to use those provided pieces commercially without permission, and you are not allowed to use my work, even commissioned, for NFTs and any blockchain related projetcs.

- I reserve the right to post commissioned work on social media and websites that I own and operate, unless the commissioned piece is a gift or by special request by the client.


- Uploading commissioned work into services or datasets used for AI image generation is also prohibited. 

-Wether your commission is personal or commercial, modifying the artwork, at any stage, with AI image generation software is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If I find out you used AI on my work, you will immediatly get blacklisted and current commissions will be cancelled and won't be refunded as this is a violation of the TOS.

- For commercial projects,artwork with specific licenses or character design commission: Please discuss with me in details what is the scope of your project and how will the final commissioned piece be used , so i can write the appropriate Rights lease (Cession de droits) document



- You can ask for modification and changes (like the pose, composition, etc) during the sketching phase. Once this phase done, additional changes will be charged for a fee of 10€ and up to 50€.

- Please be very clear on what you want to edit! And also please don't hesitate to tell me if I did something wrong!

Prices and payment:

- Payment can be done either via Paypal or by credit card invoice (via either Stripe or Summup). French residents can also ask for Bank transfer if their bank account is hosted by a french bank. No other Payment methods will be accepted.

- If you want to pay via Paypal, please wait for me to send the invoice and only pay said invoice. Please do not send money directly to my Paypal, it will get sent back to you and I will not refund paypal fees.

- The prices on the Price page are the minimum amount. Prices can increase if:
> You need a rush order (must be completed in days)
> The character you want to commission must be designed
> The piece is very detailed and thus requires more time
> You need a commercial use or the artwork has to be released on a special license (ex: CC0, CC BY-SA 

- Prices are not negociable.

- Nothing will be started until at least 50% of the full price has been paid. Only exception are Sketch portraits who have to be paid in full before any work gets started.

-You can cancel your commission at any time, homewer only a partial refund will be issued if work has already been done. Fully finished pieces will not be refunded homewer.

-In compliance with the French Law, every commissioner must provide a billing adress. This is so it can be written on the invoice.

-Clients who do not comply with the terms of service stated on this page and provided on their invoice, will get blacklisted, and if they have an ongoing commissions, it will get cancelled with no refunds.

Any questions? Please dont hesitate to ask, via the contact page or via DMs on my Twitter!

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